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Попфеминизъм, понеже е петък


Новата песен на Бийонсе по препоръка на сестра ми + добро review на песента в Los Angeles Times.

The last verse is just slightly stagy, with a sneer sneaking in as she sings, „But you’re just a boy.“ In the end, Beyoncé can’t resist arching her eyebrow; she’s a survivor, and she won’t let her pain completely unmake her.

But that’s the final, poignant point of this excellent song. In Beyoncé’s world view, an independent woman must sacrifice the princess fantasy she was sold as a child, and keep that steely edge, even when her world is melting around her. The compassion Beyoncé’s vocal conveys as „If I Were a Boy“ concludes is as much for the man who can’t fulfill romance’s impossible dream as it is for herself.

Не знам дали ще ми повярвате, обаче никога, дори в най-лудите си мечти не съм си представяла, че ще давам Бийонсе за пример, но ей ме на. Тази жена е съвременна икона на феминизма.

Мерси, Ин. ;)

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