Към съдържанието

Сексуални етикети


Много личен разказ на млад мъж, който се самоидентифицира като асексуален. Разказва за детството си, пубертета, мастурбацията и… БРАКА.

Someone had suggested she should be aware of „asexuality“, and gave the address of a website: asexuality.org. When I went to the site and read the material, I was quite dismissive at first, because you just don’t hear about other asexuals. Since Freud and Kinsey, and even to an extent the sexual revolution of the 60s, we tend to believe anyone without a sexual orientation must be repressed or delusional. Asexuality is therefore an impossibility. Kinsey labelled us „X“, a statistical throwaway category for anyone damaged to the point where they can’t express any sexuality.

Gradually, though, through visiting the site, I came to realise that these were just ordinary people; people who were writing things I’d thought myself, but had never heard anyone else express. It was such a relief. Finally I had a label – a way to explain myself that could settle all the awkwardness and questioning.

Супер интересен пример за това колко е неадекватно бинарното разделение между хомо- и хетеросексуалната ориентация. Но и за това как дори когато самите ние сме жертви на разни класификации, имаме нужда да сложим етикет върху себе си.

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